The Chain Zine Project

This is the chain zine. It started out in december 2009 as a booklet of folded blank loose papers. I had a list of names and addresses taped in the beginning of the booklet. I chose a 'theme' for the first person to create their page on and then they chose the theme for the next person on the list and sent it on to them.

Since people were interested, I decided to start 2 more shortly after sending this one out to include everyone who wanted to participate. I did not realize how long it would take for them all to get back to me. I had planned on putting all 3 together into one big zine and get it copied and send it back to everyone who had a page and also put it up on etsy or something. But since its taking so long to get them all back and contact infos have probably changed, i figured i might as well just do this digitally instead.

The first zine made its way back to me in summer of 2011. The second in January 2014. Zine 3 seems to have gotten lost somewhere between the US and Europe. Twice. :(

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chain zine - cover chain zine - cover